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added Sannis to contributors and added a note on coding style

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commit 5ba6f99e59ef31900c444fb019d855905ea6a7fc 1 parent b20b7d3
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@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ __Contributors__
* [sstephenson]( - coffee-script support
* [azatoth]( - debian-friendly Makefile, now
supports both 'node' and 'nodejs' executables, also added sandbox utility
+* [Sannis]( - adding 'make lint' and fixing nodelint
+ errors.
* and thanks to [cjohansen]( for input and advice
on implementing setUp and tearDown functions. See
[cjohansen's fork](
@@ -335,3 +337,15 @@ To run the nodeunit tests do:
__Note:__ There was a bug in node v0.2.0 causing the tests to hang, upgrading
to v0.2.1 fixes this.
+Contributions to the project are most welcome, so feel free to fork and
+improve. When submitting a pull request, please run 'make lint' first to ensure
+we're following a consistent coding style.
+When running 'make lint', you can ignore errors about 'global' and
+'console.log', they are prerequired variables not yet included in nodelint.
+[Sannis]( has sent a patch to include them.

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