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Tic Tac To3-D


This is my rendition of tic tac toe after just two weeks into General Assembly's Web Development Immersive course. My initial thought coming into this project was that I wanted to try something different than what I saw others have done previously. I also wanted to push my own limits which is a good and bad thing.

So I created a tic tac toe game with a 3-d rendition of a cude. It's supposed to rotate after each player plays their move. Essentially playing 6 diffferent games at the same time. This way the normal strategy of a typical 2-d game would be avoided. Once all 6 games are finished the winner would be announced.

The issues I ran into were trying to go really big into this project and not fully understanding MVP. I quickly learned with the weekend amount of time I had to complete this and with the knowledge I had really slowed me down. I gained a good amount of insight into how to correctly gauge an MVP and then build off of it from there.

My final presentation product I narrowed down to was a functioning single tic tac toe game that stops after someone has won. However I was still working on announcing the winner prior to demo day.

My future plans are:

  • to get the X's and O's to render in white.
  • show who won the single game
  • have the cude start to rotate after each move
  • get all 6 boards to be playable
  • figure out the winner and show that

These are things I plan on continuing and getting this to a fucntional state. I will also look into adding a login feature with a database to keep track of your score.