An oplog based realtime sync tool written in Python that could sync data from MongoDB to MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
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An oplog based realtime sync tool written in Python that could sync data from MongoDB to MongoDB and Elasticsearch.


  • full sync (including data and indexes) and oplog based incremental sync
  • sync the specified databases
  • sync the specified collections
  • sync the sepcified fileds in collections to Elasticsearch
  • rename the destination index name for Elasticsearch


  • pymongo 3.0 or later

    Use pymongo 3.5.1 if your source MongoDB is version 2.4.
    pymongo 3.6 adds support for MongoDB 3.6, drops support for CPython 3.3 (PyPy3 is still supported), and drops support for MongoDB versions older than 2.6.
    Refer to

  • gevent (for async IO and better performance, optional)

  • elasticsearch

  • toml


  • source is a replica set of MongoDB v2.4 or later
  • the following databases is ignored
    • admin
    • local
  • the following collections is ignored
    • system.users
    • system.profile
  • create users for destination manually if necessary
  • authenticate with superuser if source authentication is enabled
  • sync sharded-cluster by running a process for each shard, first of all, guarantee that balancer is off
  • not support geospatial index



usage: [-h] [-f [CONFIG]] [--src [SRC]] [--src-authdb [SRC_AUTHDB]]
               [--src-username [SRC_USERNAME]] [--src-password [SRC_PASSWORD]]
               [--dst [DST]] [--dst-authdb [DST_AUTHDB]]
               [--dst-username [DST_USERNAME]] [--dst-password [DST_PASSWORD]]
               [--start-optime [START_OPTIME]]
               [--optime-logfile [OPTIME_LOGFILE]] [--logfile [LOGFILE]]

Sync data from a replica-set to another MongoDB/Elasticsearch.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f [CONFIG], --config [CONFIG]
                        configuration file, note that command options will
                        override items in config file
  --src [SRC]           source should be hostportstr of a replica-set member
  --src-authdb [SRC_AUTHDB]
                        src authentication database, default is 'admin'
  --src-username [SRC_USERNAME]
                        src username
  --src-password [SRC_PASSWORD]
                        src password
  --dst [DST]           destination should be hostportstr of a mongos or
                        mongod instance
  --dst-authdb [DST_AUTHDB]
                        dst authentication database, default is 'admin', for
  --dst-username [DST_USERNAME]
                        dst username, for MongoDB
  --dst-password [DST_PASSWORD]
                        dst password, for MongoDB
  --start-optime [START_OPTIME]
                        timestamp in second, indicates oplog based increment
  --optime-logfile [OPTIME_LOGFILE]
                        optime log file path, use this as start optime if
                        without '--start-optime'
  --logfile [LOGFILE]   log file path


Use TOML as configuration file format. Refer to conf_example.toml.


Source config items.

  • src.hosts - hostportstr of a member of replica set
  • src.authdb - authentiction database
  • src.username - username
  • src.password - password


Destination config items.

  • dst.type - Destination type, either 'mongo' or 'es'

  • dst.mongo

    • dst.mongo.hosts - MongoDB hostportstr
    • dst.mongo.authdb - MongoDB authentication database
    • dst.mongo.username - MongoDB username
    • dst.mongo.password - MongoDB password

    • - Elasticsearch hosts


Custom sync options.

sync.dbs specfies the databases to sync. sync.dbs.colls specifies the collections to sync.

  • sync.dbs - databases to sync, sync all databases if not specify
    • sync.dbs.db - source database name
    • sync.dbs.rename_db - destination database name, stay the same if not specify
    • sync.dbs.colls - collectons to sync, sync all collections if not specify

coll in sync.dbs.colls element specifies the collection to sync. fileds in sync.dbs.colls element specifies the fields of current collection to sync.


  • log.filepath - log file path, write to stdout if empty or not set

Release Notes

  • v1.0.0

    • sync data between MongoDB
    • support TokuMX as source
  • v2.0.0

    • support sync data from MongoDB to Elasticsearch
    • never support TokuMX as source
    • 'check' tool is inavailable now (TODO)