This is my first experimentation with the Kinect. It's an AS3 Adobe AIR application using the AS3NUI Native extension. Check here how you can use the app at your computer.
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This is my first experimentation with the Kinect. It's an Flash Builder AS3 Adobe AIR application using the AS3NUI Native extension ( It relies too on Starling: Greensock Tween Engine: AS3-signals: Flint Particles (only at the final medidation):

WARNING: The code is completely messy, cowboy style. I am not a programmer, I just make things happen with code. There are lots of unused classes too.

You must install the OPENNI drivers: This page can help:

The bin-release folder contains an app ready for use. If you have the drivers and a kinect. Go for it! It only works with OSX. Sorry about that. But you can compile a new one for windows as well with the source code. :)

The app itself is a visualization for the classic Vortex Ritual: Raise both of you arms to get the fireballs and then follow the steps at the link above with you body. Things you need to visualize will appear on the screen. After the vortex is open some things will differ. On the step 15: Repeat the step 4, wait 10 seconds and then step 4 again. Until you complete 4 steps 4. Wait for another 15 seconds and close the vortex. What follows is a short medidation. To close everything, just raise you right arm. I will post a video soon showing how it is done. The meaning of the things at the screen are secret. You can change it to whatever you want.

You cannot use this for commercial porpuses. There are too many different things on the project and you must check the license for each thing to make sure you can use it publicily. All of them are open-source, but each one has different criteria of use.

There is a music file (the background soundtrack) missing at the sources because It is from Lustmord and I cannot put a copyrighted music here.