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@@ -16,11 +16,13 @@
'accepted' => 'The :attribute must be accepted.',
'active_url' => 'The :attribute is not a valid URL.',
'after' => 'The :attribute must be a date after :date.',
+ 'after_or_equal' => 'The :attribute must be a date after or equal to :date.',
'alpha' => 'The :attribute may only contain letters.',
'alpha_dash' => 'The :attribute may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.',
'alpha_num' => 'The :attribute may only contain letters and numbers.',
'array' => 'The :attribute must be an array.',
'before' => 'The :attribute must be a date before :date.',
+ 'before_or_equal' => 'The :attribute must be a date before or equal to :date.',
'between' => [
'numeric' => 'The :attribute must be between :min and :max.',
'file' => 'The :attribute must be between :min and :max kilobytes.',

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