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Commits on May 21, 2014
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Commits on May 19, 2014
Commits on Jan 19, 2014
Commits on Jan 12, 2014
Commits on Jan 10, 2014
  1. @antirez

    Sentinel: SENTINEL REMOVE command added.

    antirez authored
    The command totally removes a monitored master.
  2. @antirez

    Sentinel: releaseSentinelRedisInstance() top comment fixed.

    antirez authored
    The claim about unlinking the instance from the connected hash tables
    was the opposite of the reality. Also the current actual behavior is
    safer in most cases, so it is better to manually unlink when needed.
  3. @antirez
  4. @antirez
  5. @antirez

    Sentinel: SENTINEL MONITOR command implemented.

    antirez authored
    It allows to add new masters to monitor at runtime.
  6. @antirez

    anetResolveIP() added to anet.c.

    antirez authored
    The new function is used when we want to normalize an IP address without
    performing a DNS lookup if the string to resolve is not a valid IP.
    This is useful every time only IPs are valid inputs or when we want to
    skip DNS resolution that is slow during runtime operations if we are
    required to block.
  7. @antirez

    Sentinel: added SENTINEL MASTER <name> command.

    antirez authored
    With SENTINEL MASTERS it was already possible to list all the configured
    masters, but not a specific one.
  8. @antirez

    Add all the configurable fields to addReplySentinelRedisInstance().

    antirez authored
    Note: the auth password with the master is voluntarily not exposed.
  9. @antirez
Commits on Jan 9, 2014
  1. @antirez
  2. @antirez

    Fix RESTORE ttl handling in 32 bit archs.

    antirez authored
    long was used instead of long long in order to handle a 64 bit
    resolution millisecond timestamp.
    This fixes issue #1483.
Commits on Jan 8, 2014
  1. @antirez

    Fix keyspace events flags-to-string conversion.

    antirez authored
    Fixes issue #1491 on Github.
  2. @antirez
  3. @antirez

    Don't send REPLCONF ACK to old masters.

    antirez authored
    Masters not understanding REPLCONF ACK will reply with errors to our
    requests causing a number of possible issues.
    This commit detects a global replication offest set to -1 at the end of
    the replication, and marks the client representing the master with the
    Note that this flag was called REDIS_PRE_PSYNC_SLAVE but now it is just
    REDIS_PRE_PSYNC as it is used for both slaves and masters starting with
    this commit.
    This commit fixes issue #1488.
  4. @antirez
Commits on Dec 25, 2013
  1. @antirez
  2. @antirez
  3. @antirez

    anetTcpGenericConnect() bug introduced in 9d19977 fixed.

    antirez authored
    Durign a refactoring I mispelled _port for port.
    This is one of the reasons I never used _varname myself.
  4. @antirez
  5. @antirez

    anetTcpGenericConnect() code improved + 1 bug fix.

    antirez authored
    Now the socket is closed if anetNonBlock() fails, and in general the
    code structure makes it harder to introduce this kind of bugs in the
    Reference: pull request #1059.
  6. @antirez

    Cluster: clusterProcessPacket() was not 80 cols friendly.

    antirez authored
    The function actually needs to be split into sub-functions at some
    point in the future.
Commits on Dec 23, 2013
  1. @antirez

    Fix CONFIG REWRITE handling of unknown options.

    antirez authored
    There were two problems with the implementation.
    1) "save" was not correctly processed when no save point was configured,
       as reported in issue #1416.
    2) The way the code checked if an option existed in the "processed"
       dictionary was wrong, as we add the element with as a key associated
       with a NULL value, so dictFetchValue() can't be used to check for
       existance, but dictFind() must be used, that returns NULL only if the
       entry does not exist at all.
  2. @antirez

    Configuring port to 0 disables IP socket as specified.

    antirez authored
    This was no longer the case with 2.8 becuase of a bug introduced with
    the IPv6 support. Now it is fixed.
    This fixes issue #1287 and #1477.
Commits on Dec 22, 2013
  1. @antirez

    Make new masters inherit replication offsets.

    antirez authored
    Currently replication offsets could be used into a limited way in order
    to understand, out of a set of slaves, what is the one with the most
    updated data. For example this comparison is possible of N slaves
    were replicating all with the same master.
    However the replication offset was not transferred from master to slaves
    (that are later promoted as masters) in any way, so for instance if
    there were three instances A, B, C, with A master and B and C
    replication from A, the following could happen:
    C disconnects from A.
    B is turned into master.
    A is switched to master of B.
    B receives some write.
    In this context there was no way to compare the offset of A and C,
    because B would use its own local master replication offset as
    replication offset to initialize the replication with A.
    With this commit what happens is that when B is turned into master it
    inherits the replication offset from A, making A and C comparable.
    In the above case assuming no inconsistencies are created during the
    disconnection and failover process, A will show to have a replication
    offset greater than C.
    Note that this does not mean offsets are always comparable to understand
    what is, in a set of instances, since in more complex examples the
    replica with the higher replication offset could be partitioned away
    when picking the instance to elect as new master. However this in
    general improves the ability of a system to try to pick a good replica
    to promote to master.
  2. @antirez
  3. @antirez

    Redis Cluster: add repl_ping_slave_period to slave data validity time.

    antirez authored
    When the configured node timeout is very small, the data validity time
    (maximum data age for a slave to try a failover) is too little (ten
    times the configured node timeout) when the replication link with the
    master is mostly idle. In this case we'll receive some data from the
    master only every server.repl_ping_slave_period to refresh the last
    interaction with the master.
    This commit adds to the max data validity time the slave ping period to
    avoid this problem of slaves sensing too old data without a good reason.
    However this max data validity time is likely a setting that should be
    configurable by the Redis Cluster user in a way completely independent
    from the node timeout.
Commits on Dec 20, 2013
  1. @antirez
  2. @antirez
  3. @antirez
  4. @antirez
  5. @antirez

    Redis Cluster: handshake code refactoring + Gossip IP switch detection.

    antirez authored
    This commit makes it simple to start an handshake with a specific node
    address, and uses this in order to detect a node IP change and start a
    new handshake in order to fix the IP if possible.
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