A fleshed-out liquidprompt setup for ZSH
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A fleshed-out configuration for liquidprompt in ZSH. Supports Mac OS X, iTerm2, & Homebrew (currently).

Liquidz does the following:

  • Activates liquidprompt.

  • Turns on colors in your terminal.

  • Activates ZSH completions (many more are available if you install the zsh-completions Homebrew formula).

  • Turns on ZSH corrections

  • Sets the iTerm2 window and tab titles to the current working directory.

More to come! Feel free to open issues to request your favorite features. The next one I'm going to add will probably be ZSH inline command highlighting.


Install Homebrew if you haven't already.

Install zsh and liquidprompt

brew install zsh liquidprompt

Setup ZSH as your default shell if you haven't already. Add /usr/local/bin/zsh to your /etc/shells file. Run chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh.

Clone the Liquidz git repo to your home dir

git clone https://github.com/cap10morgan/liquidz.git ~/.liquidz

Add this to your ~/.zshrc file:

if [ -f ${HOME}/.liquidz/init.zsh ]; then
   . ${HOME}/.liquidz/init.zsh

Log out of your terminal and log back in.


Currently it should just work if you're using Homebrew, OS X, and iTerm2. If you want to use it in other configurations, let me know and I'll try to adapt it. Or you can submit a pull request.


  • Mac OS X (tested with 10.8 Mountain Lion)
  • iTerm2
  • Homebrew-installed ZSH and liquidprompt