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This is intended to be a re-usable Puppet module that you can include in your own tree.

In order to add this module, run the following commands in your own, presumably Git, puppet tree:

% git submodule add git:// modules/jenkins
% git submodule update --init

That should be all you need

Depending on Jenkins

If you have any resource in Puppet that depends on Jenkins being present, add the following require statement:

exec {
    "some-exec" :
        require => Class["jenkins::package"],
        # ... etc

Installing Jenkins plugins

The Jenkins puppet module defines the install-jenkins-plugin resource which will download and install the plugin "by hand"

The names of the plugins can be found on the update site


By default, the resource will install the latest plugin, i.e.:

install-jenkins-plugin {
    "git-plugin" :
        name => "git";

By version

If you need to peg a specific version, simply specify that as a string, i.e.:

install-jenkins-plugin {
    "git-plugin" :
        name    => "git,
        version => "1.1.11";