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🇭🇷 Started in Croatia

Clippy MS Word Office asistant is now back to assist inside your browser!

alt text


  • Adds Clippy assistant to every page
  • You can enable/disable assistan globally through icon in toolbar
  • On selected sites Clippy will show useful but mostly funny comments (checkout Contribute section)

The code

You can pack this code into your custom extension for any major browser. These browsers are officially supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox (57+)
  • Opera

Consult these links for guids on how to develop, test and pack extensions:

Setup the code

$ git clone
$ cd clippy
$ npm install


Clippy fetches comments from my personal repository file: - Feel free to contribute new comments for your favorite sites by making a pull request

  • Entries are filled in format "keyword": "comment"
  • For example sitename for would be 'github', but it could also be "com" which would add this comment for all sites containing ".com" in URL
  • You can also define an array of comments like "keyword: ["comment1", "comment2"]
  • If there are multiple comments for the same site Clippy will pick a random one
  • I will try to merge any pull requests on regular basis
  • Feel free to build and install your own version of Clippy if you don't want to wait for next update