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GitHub Go To Definition

demo video

This Chrome extension lets you jump to the definition of a variable, class, method or function when you're reviewing a diff in a pull request or viewing a file on GitHub.

Just right click on a token and choose 'Go to definition'. We'll scour the project for any definitions and let you open them in a new tab.

Get the extension!

How it works

The Chrome extension is paired with a Sinatra server which, given a GitHub repo, a commit hash and a token to search for: downloads the repo as a zip, generates a ctags file for it and searches the index for the token.

For public use, I've hosted this service on Google App Engine at https://github-ctags.gordn.org.


  • Doesn't work with private repositories yet, since the remote server somehow needs the authorization to download a private repo.
  • Will probably be slow for repos with 100MB+ of code (not total repo size, but actual file size)

Running locally

This project contains a chrome extension (located in /chrome_extension/) and a Ruby Sinatra backend server.


To get the server running, you can either build a Docker image using the Dockerfile or follow the following instructions. You'll need Ruby 2+ and Bundler installed.

Install dependencies

bundle install

You'll also need to have ctags and unzip installed. Here's how to do that in Mac OS X:

brew install ctags

Run server (default port is 4567)

bundle exec ruby app.rb -p {PORT}

Whatever port this is running on, you'll want to update /chrome_extension/background.js to point to http://localhost:{PORT}/definition?...

Chrome extension

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Tick the 'Developer mode' checkbox
  3. Click 'Load unpacked extension...' and then open the /chrome_extension/ directory from the file browser.


All suggestions and contributions are welcome! Feel free to open up an issue or throw some pull requests over.