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JBoss CapeDwarf

JBoss CapeDwarf Blue is JBoss' attempt to implement Google App Engine API on top of JBoss' technology / frameworks / libraries. This way making the GAE to WildFly switch seamless.


How to build CapeDwarf environment?

(1) Build WildFly 8.1.0.CR1 from WildFly repo --> JBOSS_HOME

git checkout 8.1.0.CR1

mvn clean install -DskipTests -Prelease

Or you can grab it from WildFly downloads.

(2) Build CapeDwarf Shared ("master" branch)

mvn clean install

(3) Build CapeDwarf Blue ("master" branch)

mvn clean install

(4) Build CapeDwarf WildFly ("master" branch)

mvn clean install -Djboss.dir=${JBOSS_HOME} -Pupdate-as

This will install CapeDwarf Subsystem into previous WildFly 8.1.0.CR1

(5) Start CapeDwarf

cd ${JBOSS_HOME}/bin


or the long version

./ -c standalone-capedwarf.xml

and with Modules support

./ -c standalone-capedwarf-modules.xml


How to test CapeDwarf environment?

There are multiple ways to test it:

(1) Run Blue's tests against running CapeDwarf WildFly instance

Goto CapeDwarf Blue and simply run

mvn clean install -Premote

(2) Run tests automatically with CapeDwarf Testsuite ("master" branch)

where you then simply do

mvn clean install -Dcapedwarf.xmpp.password=<PASSWORD><SMTP HOST>

This will grab WildFly .zip distribution, overlay it with CapeDwarf extension, and run tests via managed Arquillian WildFly container.

(3) Run different versions of GAE API jar against CapeDwarf

(4) Run some benchmarks against CapeDwarf

(5) Run GAE TCK against CapeDwarf

mvn clean install -Pcapedwarf

Any example apps I can deploy?

Simply start a CapeDwarf instance and drop any GAE .war into {JBOSS_HOME}/standalone/deployment or deploy the .war via WildFly's management console.

If your app requires to be accessible under "/" context root, deploy it as ROOT.war.
Otherwise it will be accessible under "/<app name>" context.

Existing examples / demos:

(1) GAE SDK comes with a bunch of examples, and we make sure they work on CapeDwarf as well. (at least the one's that are 100% portable)

(2) A SimpleChat app, exposing Channel API

(3) A ToDo list app

(4) Restlet on OpenShift