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Running CapeDwarf on OpenShift

Quickstart CapeDwarf application for OpenShift.

Follow this instructions to run Google AppEngine applications on OpenShift PaaS, using CapeDwarf.

Manual Installation

  1. Register for OpenShift
  2. Follow the instructions to install client tools (step one)
  3. Create a domain (step two on the link above)

  4. Create JBoss AS applications:

    rhc app create -t jbossas-7 -a mygaeapp
  5. Remove JBossAS default sample application

    cd mygaeapp
    git rm -r src/main/webapp/*
    git commit -m"Sample app removed."
  6. Use files from this github repo to add CapeDwarf modules to JBoss AS.
    Avoiding conflicts specify git options to prefer this repo content.

    git remote add upstream
    git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  7. Push everything to OpenShift:

    git push origin master

    Operation takes a while to complete, OpenShift node is pulling in CapeDwarf.

  8. Open your sample app in a web browser at mygaeapp-<your domain name>, first time it takes about a minute to load all dependent modules.


This code is dedicated to the public domain to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, pursuant to CC0 (