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+Translib is for Transformer Library. Translib is an Erlang application that
+contains some parse transformers to extend or modify the semantic of Erlang.
+For the moment, Translib contains 6 modules:
+ * gen_trans: a behaviour module for implementing a parse transformer of
+ Erlang code.
+ * lambda_expr: a transformer that simplifies the partial application and the
+ composistion of functions in Erlang.
+ * recfun: a transformer that makes possible to easily write recursive
+ anonymous function.
+ * clone_module: a transformer that builds modules by cloning the content of
+ another one.
+ * multiparser: a "meta" transformer that can perform several
+ parse_transformations.
+ * transhell: a "clone" of the Erlang shell that transforms expressions
+ before evaluation calling a multiparser transformer.
+ Finish the edoc documentation
+ Add type specification in modules
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