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brackets-db Manager

A brackets extension to querying a database server, now only support SQL server.

Now it's only offer basic functionality, like browse databases, tables, views, show table fields, show table data in a paging table, run query (all text in a document or just a selection of it).

How to connect to a database

Add connection first input your connection information into the specified fields and save it. Then choose your connetion in connection list, and click connect.

To run a query, please select the database first and then run your query.

It is actually a modified of because I need some functionality that's not available on it, then I have some idea to develop it to something more than just a modified version of Azakur4's plugin.

To do

  • Show list of view
  • Show and edit view
  • Show list of function
  • Show and edit function
  • Show table trigger
  • Edit table fields
  • Edit table data
  • Add mysql support
  • Add postgresql support

PLease report/info me about bug, issue and idea, so I can fix and improve this addon, thanks.