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Unreleased (master)

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1.3.0 (22 Sep 2017)

Breaking changes

  • None


  • Set all variables in load:defaults task so they are recognised as valid Capistrano settings when using doctor:variables and ensure defaults for bundle_env_variables and bundle_clean_options are set once in the same place as the other defaults.

1.2.0 (1 Oct 2016)

Breaking changes

  • None


  • A bundle clean task. There are no default hooks for it.
  • Use bundle check to check if we can skip bundle install
  • Run bundle:install on rollback (deploy:reverted)
  • You can now require "capistrano/bundler/tasks" to load the tasks only without the hooks

1.1.4 (22 Jan 2015)

  • Don’t generate binstubs by default (#61)

1.1.3 (4 Aug 2014)

  • Honor :no_release flag by using release_roles in Capistrano 3.1
  • capistrano-bundler now requires Capistrano 3.1 or higher (~> 3.1)
  • Added :bundle_jobs option for specifying number of parallel jobs

1.1.2 (8 Feb 2014)

  • Added bundle_env_variables option for specifying environment variables that should be set when running bundle.
  • The bundle_dir option is now named bundle_path
  • Use bundle install instead of bundle
  • All options are now optional and can be excluded from the final bundle command by setting them to nil
  • Bundler looks for a Gemfile by default, so there is no need to specify it.


  • ruby is not prefixed with bundle exec anymore by default
  • prefix rails with bundle exec by default


  • Switching to new command map ( Thanks to new command map, now this integration adds bundle exec to global executables (gem, ruby, rake). The list of executable can be tweaked by bundle_bins.


Initial release