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Documentation improvement, pertaining to #113

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1 parent 003f453 commit 2ca74bbc01134af296932f024f3814c72cb9b110 Lee Hambley committed Oct 15, 2009
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@@ -116,7 +116,9 @@ def invoke_command(cmd, options={}, &block)
# * :max_hosts - specifies the maximum number of hosts that should be selected
# at a time. If this value is less than the number of hosts that are selected
# to run, then the hosts will be run in groups of max_hosts. The default is nil,
- # which indicates that there is no maximum host limit.
+ # which indicates that there is no maximum host limit. Please note this does not
+ # limit the number of SSH channels that can be open, only the number of hosts upon
+ # which this will be called.
# * :shell - says which shell should be used to invoke commands. This
# defaults to "sh". Setting this to false causes Capistrano to invoke
# the commands directly, without wrapping them in a shell invocation.

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