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## 2.14.1 (tentative) / January 10 2013
+* Bring back web:enable and web:disable tasks. Sincerely apologies to all affected
+ removing these was one of the most glaring mistakes we've made on this projec
+ and I feel personally responsible.
+* Makes :git_shallow_clone work with branches (@cannikin)
+* Avoid removing required assets (@bosko)
+* Fix escaping of asset_paths when calling `deploy:finalize_update` (@mcary)
+* Improve parallel command logging (@mpapis)
+* Allow updating variables in the cap shell `cap> set :some_setting new_value`
+ (@jpfuentes2)
+* Add the option to configure `Capistrano::Logger.default_formatters=` this
+ relates to the previous merging of the capistrano-colors gem. (@kellyredding)
+* Don't attempt to connect to a nil `:gateway` (@mattheath)
+* Simplify our .gemspec dependency list (@timoschilling)
+* Make the existece of `config/deploy/{stage}.rb` optional, it'll be loaded if
+ it exists, otherwise we continue without it (@ymainier)
+* Misc spelling/typo fixes. (@mv)
+* Update mtime and atime with touch when fixing asset timestamps (@wildoats)
+* Change call of `rake {env} precompile:all` to drop the errornous `{env}` (@zxiest)
+* Evaluate assets_role at runtime using a lambda (@nlenepveu)
+* Handle when hosts (for example by joining/leaving the no_release meta group)
+ have different old releases for `deploy:cleanup` (@oggy)
+* Check for nil when tearing down connections (@yyuu)
+* Go back to using SCP for uploads as against SFTP (@pjungwir)
+* Added an option to dereference symlinks when using the :copy strategy
+ (`set :copy_dereference_symlink, true`) useful when your working directory
+ contains files symlinked in from outside your project root (@mehmetc)
+* Small typo fix in README (@yule)
+* Add Ruby 2.0.0-p0 to the TravisCI build (@jarrettmeyer)
+* Add the option to set the shared asset prefix for Rails,
+ (`set :shared_assets_prefix, "my_shared_assets"`) corresponds with it's
+ namesake in Rails. By default is set to `assets`. (@spectator)
+* Improved error messages for `cap {stage} deploy:check` (@petems)
+* Make `run_locally` work with the `--dry-run` flag. (@flagthisiskun)
+* Fix a link in the README to writing a good commit message. (@mhutchin)
+* Code style fixes (@mv)
+* Report differently if the command was killed by a signal (for example the
+ oom killer on Ubuntu/Debian). (@tanob)
## 2.14.0 / January 9 2013
* Removed ui.output_cols limit of 80 chars (@aussielunix)

4 comments on commit c34c8da

RogerE commented on c34c8da Apr 13, 2013

I was a little confused by this, when reading the changelog it now looks like web:enable/disabled was brought back in version 2.14.1. After investigating a bit I understand that this is not the case.

Capistrano member

@RogerE, commit comments are a really bad place for dialog, better open an issue if you are concerned about something, many commit comments go under the radar.

This was simply poor release management, those tasks will come back in the forthcoming release.

RogerE commented on c34c8da Apr 15, 2013

@leehambley I understand that it will come back later and I have no problem with that, my point was just that from reading the changelog it looks like i was done in 2.14.1. So no big deal and I felt that opening an issue for this was not appropriate......

Capistrano member

@RogerE, acknowledged, there was a bit of internal turmoil surrounding the 2.14.x release group, we invited a new maintainer who had a bit of a hard time pulling some iffy pull requests in, and I'm trying to make sure that the 2.15.x release is back to the stability people expect of cap.

Thanks for the note, though.

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