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@@ -5,21 +5,6 @@ Capistrano is a utility and framework for executing commands in parallel on mult
Capistrano was originally designed to simplify and automate deployment of web applications to distributed environments, and originally came bundled with a set of tasks designed for deploying Rails applications. The deployment tasks are now (as of Capistrano 2.0) opt-in and require clients to explicitly put
"load 'deploy'" in their recipes.
-== 2.5.6 Warning
-_+Warning+_: while every care has been taken to make sure you do not feel too much disruption from existing deploys when upgrading to 2.5.6 unless you alter your capfile (see "New Style Capification" towards the end of the readme for more) will require a couple more lines to keep compatibility with old recipes.
-The changes in 2.5.6 include bug fixes, but importantly also remove a number of rails assumptions. This has been done both to ensure that people who aren't deploy Rails applications aren't put-off using Capistrano, and also that those of us that do use Rails have a choice about certain things. (starting our app, restarting it, stopping it, do we want cap to manage migrations, etc..)
-As a result failure to read this document thoroughly could lead to problems, if you do install 2.5.6 and your recipe breaks, please either uninstall the gem and file a bug report (we will try to fix them within hours if received through our lighthouse app account.) or invoke cap in the following way to dictate which version you wish to use:
- cap _2.5.5_ deploy
- cap _2.5.5_ staging my:task:here
- cap _2.5.5_ -vT
- cap _2.5.6_ -vT
-Please open issues on the bug tracer at if you experience problems
== Documentation
We know that documentation is something that really lets us down, that's why there is a repository for a handbook below, please open an issue on it if you would like something documented:
@@ -91,45 +76,6 @@ If you have multiple versions of capistrano (or indeed any gem with a binary) in
cap _2.5.5_ deploy
cap _2.5.6_ deploy:setup
-== New Style Capification
-When calling `capify` on a new application, the result will look something like the following, this is a big change to previous versions, please take this as a warning and read the following thoroughly:
- set :application, "set your application name here"
- set :repository, "set your repository location here"
- # If you have previously been relying upon the code to start, stop
- # and restart your mongrel application, or if you rely on the database
- # migration code, please uncomment the lines you require below
- # If you are deploying a rails app you probably need these:
- # load 'ext/rails-database-migrations.rb'
- # load 'ext/rails-shared-directories.rb'
- # There are also new utility libaries shipped with the core these
- # include the following, please see individual files for more
- # documentation, or run `cap -vT` with the following lines commented
- # out to see what they make available.
- # load 'ext/spinner.rb' # Designed for use with script/spin
- # load 'ext/passenger-mod-rails.rb' # Restart task for use with mod_rails
- # load 'ext/web-disable-enable.rb' # Gives you web:disable and web:enable
- # If you aren't deploying to /u/apps/\#{application} on the target
- # servers (which is the default), you can specify the actual location
- # via the :deploy_to variable:
- # set :deploy_to, "/var/www/\#{application}"
- # If you aren't using Subversion to manage your source code, specify
- # your SCM below:
- # set :scm, :subversion
- # see a full list by running "gem contents capistrano | grep 'scm/'"
- role :web, "your web-server here"
-When adding or removing extensions, where you have previously tested a `deploy:setup` we recommend that you perform another, especially for example when adding the rails-shared-directory code.
(The MIT License)

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