Rails 4 support #362

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ai commented Jan 19, 2013

Rails 4 store manifest in JSON file like manifest-effbd5715fcc7c1600baa48c1bc283ee.json, not in manifest.yml. So right now we can’t deploy Rails 4 application.

ai commented Jan 19, 2013

I create really dirty hack to support Rails 4, if anybody will need fast fix: ai/capistrano rails4.



gogolok commented Feb 4, 2013

Yeah, Rails 4 support is broken in master :-(

martijn commented Feb 6, 2013

+1, deploy/assets definitely needs some love

martijn commented Feb 6, 2013

This patch by @diragor looks reasonable: diragor@9307c30

diragor commented Feb 6, 2013

My patch hasn't had much testing yet, I'm trying to find the time to finish it up. In the meantime, we're deploying with the last cap commit before all the asset manifest stuff was added, like so:

gem 'capistrano', github: 'capistrano/capistrano', ref: '96a16'


This fixes Rails 4 for me. It is quite simple because the manifest.json is now in public/assets, not public. This means nothing needs to be copied around.

namespace :deploy do
  namespace :assets do
    task :precompile, :roles => assets_role, :except => { :no_release => true } do
      run <<-CMD.compact
        cd -- #{latest_release.shellescape} &&
        #{rake} RAILS_ENV=#{rails_env.to_s.shellescape} #{asset_env} assets:precompile
tony612 commented Feb 28, 2013

+1, and I want to know, is it fixed?

stamm commented Mar 6, 2013



I am also interested in a fix for this. Installed capistrano yesterday and I'm unable to deploy with Rails 4 beta 1.

ai commented Mar 13, 2013

Thanks @jimryan! When his pull request will be accepted?


Any updates?

jp commented Apr 2, 2013

+1, thanks @cmaitchison for your workaround.


WIP in #412. Closing this issue as work will be tracked in the pull request that @jimryan is smashing for us! 🚀

@leehambley leehambley closed this Apr 2, 2013
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