find_servers_for_task doesn't work anymore in 2.8.0 #77

lawrencepit opened this Issue Aug 9, 2011 · 3 comments


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method find_servers_for_task will delegate to find_servers with option :hosts => [] by default. This worked fine up until 2.8.0. In 2.8.0 the first line of method find_servers now returns an empty array, while it should go to the code block where it inspects the given roles to determine the servers.


leehambley commented Sep 24, 2011

@lawrencepitt can you confirm this is still an issue under 2.9.0, there have been changes to the find_servers method (I suspect it's still a problem, but you may be able to reproduce this more quickly than I.


ppg commented Oct 28, 2011

@lawrencepitt This is potentially due to my change in 84506c0; however, from your description I'm not clear on what the expected vs. actual behavior is. Could you perhaps provide a particular roles setup and function call along with the expected and actual outputs? (better yet write a test for it) That will help me understand where the discrepancy is.


leehambley commented Dec 11, 2011

Closing due to lack of activity

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