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ST: Added :copy_via variable to :copy strategy in order to :scp or :sftp (default) to the remote machines #115

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I've added the variable :copy_via for the :copy strategy in order to define how to move the tar/zip across to the remote machines. One of my clients does not support :sftp so we're using :scp instead.

Would be nice to have it in the official repo. Many thanks.



This looks like a great addition. I too would like this feature to be implemented into the distro. For now I'll have to be happy with a hand mod :/


@rudionrails Would it be possible to remove the modifications to the unit tests altogether, since nothing would fail in their absence? This change looks simple enough that I can merge it without the tests. Also, would you mind removing the spaces after and before the parentheses?


@carsomyr When changing this line:

upload(filename, remote_filename, :via => configuration[:copy_via] || :sftp)

I had to amend the existing tests, since most of them are mocks/expectations that fail when not provding the :via option, e.g.

@strategy.expects(:upload).with("/temp/dir/1234567890.tar.gz", "/tmp/1234567890.tar.gz")
#=> fail

@strategy.expects(:upload).with("/temp/dir/1234567890.tar.gz", "/tmp/1234567890.tar.gz", :via => sftp)
#=> OK

If you do not want the existing tests to being touched, I've amended my commit and made the changes unobtrusive.

@leehambley leehambley merged commit db1bdae into from
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Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. @rudionrails

    ST: Added :copy_via variable to :copy strategy in order to :scp or :s…

    rudionrails authored
    …ftp (default) to the remote machines
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10 lib/capistrano/recipes/deploy/strategy/copy.rb
@@ -39,6 +39,11 @@ module Strategy
# :zip, and which specifies how the source should be compressed for
# transmission to each host.
+ # By default, files will be transferred across to the remote machines via 'sftp'. If you prefer
+ # to use 'scp' you can set the :copy_via variable to :scp.
+ #
+ # set :copy_via, :scp
+ #
# There is a possibility to pass a build command that will get
# executed if your code needs to be compiled or something needs to be
# done before the code is ready to run.
@@ -316,7 +321,10 @@ def decompress_remote_file
# Distributes the file to the remote servers
def distribute!
- upload(filename, remote_filename)
+ args = [filename, remote_filename]
+ args << { :via => configuration[:copy_via] } if configuration[:copy_via]
+ upload(*args)
21 test/deploy/strategy/copy_test.rb
@@ -197,6 +197,27 @@ def test_deploy_with_copy_remote_dir_should_copy_to_that_dir
+ def test_deploy_with_copy_via_should_use_the_given_transfer_method
+ @config[:copy_via] = :scp
+ Dir.expects(:tmpdir).returns("/temp/dir")
+ Dir.expects(:chdir).yields
+ @source.expects(:checkout).returns(:local_checkout)
+ @strategy.expects(:system).with(:local_checkout)
+ @strategy.expects(:system).with("tar czf 1234567890.tar.gz 1234567890")
+ @strategy.expects(:upload).with("/temp/dir/1234567890.tar.gz", "/tmp/1234567890.tar.gz", {:via => :scp})
+ @strategy.expects(:run).with("cd /u/apps/test/releases && tar xzf /tmp/1234567890.tar.gz && rm /tmp/1234567890.tar.gz")
+ mock_file = mock("file")
+ mock_file.expects(:puts).with("154")
+ File.expects(:open).with("/temp/dir/1234567890/REVISION", "w").yields(mock_file)
+ FileUtils.expects(:rm).with("/temp/dir/1234567890.tar.gz")
+ FileUtils.expects(:rm_rf).with("/temp/dir/1234567890")
+ @strategy.deploy!
+ end
def test_with_copy_cache_should_checkout_to_cache_if_cache_does_not_exist_and_then_copy
@config[:copy_cache] = true
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