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Use more intelligence in setting the :scm variable based on known version control directory names. I will go ahead and close #218 as this provides more functionality to cover other version control systems beyond subversion and git.


What does the :none SCM do if you try to deploy with it? Does it raise an exception? If not, perhaps it would be more appropriate to raise an exception whenever one of the major SCMs isn't detected.


This is seriously awesome, and I hope it can be merged soon. I don't even think it's necessary to include the #set :scm line in bin/capify, since the intelligent handling looks bulletproof to me.

:none is a valid scm option, and I've been personally using it to test capistrano recipes on my local machine. It is properly handled in lib/capistrano/recipes/deploy/scm/none.rb. So I think :none is fine to set as the default, and shouldn't raise an exception.

@carsomyr carsomyr merged commit 26490e9 into capistrano:master Oct 2, 2012
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