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Don't default to closing the input stream when sudo is being used. #254

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Fixes #253

Makes the same check as in Capistrano::Configuration::Actions::Invocation#run_tree to see if sudo is being used, so the input stream will not be closed by default if the sudo_behaviour_callback is being used.


This pull request passes (merged 51296cb into 3632188).

@carsomyr carsomyr was assigned
@carsomyr carsomyr merged commit 51296cb into capistrano:master

Can you release a bugfix patch version of this for those of us who are having to revert back to 2.12.0? Much appreciated!


@mattdbridges Yes, I am working on it. There's another outstanding issue related to deprecation that will probably be bundled with the bugfix version.


@carsomyr Ah, thanks for the quick follow up!

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4 lib/capistrano/configuration/actions/invocation.rb
@@ -147,7 +147,9 @@ def invoke_command(cmd, options={}, &block)
# variable, they will apply for all invocations of #run, #invoke_command,
# and #parallel.
def run(cmd, options={}, &block)
- options = options.merge(:eof => !block_given?) if options[:eof].nil?
+ if options[:eof].nil? && !cmd.include?(sudo)
+ options = options.merge(:eof => !block_given?)
+ end
block ||= self.class.default_io_proc
tree = { |t| t.else(cmd, &block) }
run_tree(tree, options)
5 test/configuration/actions/invocation_test.rb
@@ -115,6 +115,11 @@ def test_sudo_should_default_to_sudo
@config.sudo "ls"
+ def test_sudo_should_keep_input_stream_open
+ @config.expects(:execute_on_servers).with(:foo => "bar")
+ @config.sudo "ls", :foo => "bar"
+ end
def test_sudo_should_use_sudo_variable_definition
@config.expects(:run).with("/opt/local/bin/sudo -p 'sudo password: ' ls", {})
@config.options[:sudo] = "/opt/local/bin/sudo"
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