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Rewrite of #213 - Commands will be printed only if they are executing on servers #284

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Cleaner (IMO) rewrite of #213
I loved the idea, but didn't think it warranted a new DelayedLogger class.

Description from the original pull request:

Capistrano prints all commands even if they really won't be executed, example:

  == Currently executing `deploy:assets:symlink'
  executing "rm -rf /u/apps/appname/releases/20120528203209/public/assets &&\\\n        mkdir -p /u/apps/appname/releases/20120528203209/public &&\\\n        mkdir -p /u/apps/appname/shared/assets &&\\\n        ln -s /u/apps/appname/shared/assets /u/apps/appname/releases/20120528203209/public/assets"
  skipping `deploy:assets:symlink' because no servers matched

after patch:

  == Currently executing `deploy:assets:symlink'
  skipping `deploy:assets:symlink' because no servers matched

@ndbroadbent See the comment I wrote from #213.

@carsomyr carsomyr closed this
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Showing with 13 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +13 −4 lib/capistrano/configuration/actions/invocation.rb
17 lib/capistrano/configuration/actions/invocation.rb
@@ -159,18 +159,26 @@ def run(cmd, options={}, &block)
# use, but should instead be called indirectly, via #run or #parallel,
# or #invoke_command.
def run_tree(tree, options={}) #:nodoc:
+ # Build a list of log messages to show only if dry_run,
+ # or there are any servers available to execute the command
+ log_before_executing = []
+ show_logs = {|logs| logs.each {|level, message| @logger.send(level, message)}}
if tree.branches.empty? && tree.fallback
- logger.debug "executing #{tree.fallback}"
+ log_before_executing << [:debug, "executing #{tree.fallback}"]
elsif tree.branches.any?
- logger.debug "executing multiple commands in parallel"
+ log_before_executing << [:debug, "executing multiple commands in parallel"]
tree.each do |branch|
- logger.trace "-> #{branch}"
+ log_before_executing << [:trace, "-> #{branch}"]
raise ArgumentError, "attempt to execute without specifying a command"
- return if dry_run || (debug && continue_execution(tree) == false)
+ if dry_run || (debug && continue_execution(tree) == false)
+ show_logs[log_before_executing]
+ return
+ end
options = add_default_command_options(options)
@@ -181,6 +189,7 @@ def run_tree(tree, options={}) #:nodoc:
execute_on_servers(options) do |servers|
+ show_logs[log_before_executing]
targets = { |s| sessions[s] }
Command.process(tree, targets, options.merge(:logger => logger))
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