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2.x DSL Documentation Action Module

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There are several helper methods that Capistrano provides for you to use in your recipes. These helpers vary in purpose from executing commands, to transferring files, to manipulating the output of a command:


  • run Execute commands on one or more servers (more...)
  • sudo (Deprecated) Execute commands on one or more servers via sudo. (more...)
  • parallel Execute multiple commands on multiple servers in parallel (more...)


  • capture Executes a command on a single host and returns ("captures") the output as a string. (more...)
  • stream Very similar to run, but optimized for displaying live streams of text (like tailed log files) from multiple hosts. (more...)

File Transfer

The file-transfer actions all use either scp or sftp to move files to or from the remote hosts.

  • put Store the contents of a file on multiple servers. (more...)
  • get Transfers a file from a single remote server to the local host. (more...)
  • upload Transfers a file or directory from the local host to multiple remote hosts, in parallel. (more...)
  • download Transfers a file or directory from multiple remote hosts to the local host, in parallel. (more...)
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