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History / 2.x Getting Started

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@pkraeutli pkraeutli Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 12d32b8
@abeger abeger Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) b0c612d
@pdgwien pdgwien fixed typo ea136f2
@hube hube Fix formatting 6140fb7
@pushups pushups Missed a block of code. 571e740
@pushups pushups Fix syntax highlighting. c42c8b5
@pushups pushups Fixed this page ede4e6e
@skarpesh skarpesh Destroyed 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 9faa80a
@JohnMurray JohnMurray Since github no longer hosts gems, the documentation really shouldn't be telling you to add it to your sources. Should really just be using for this. 5abf8e3
@trompette trompette highlighting ruby code 7df2f6f
@trompette trompette Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) f08a345
@kartikrustagi kartikrustagi minor improvements in the language 1427f56
@rimey rimey Revert d9483e95740cdf6d729dfed35480ac730669b892 ... 3d3ea7054472d3d0c5b4602ae12a9b0983c3f4de fad678e
@akuznecov akuznecov Revert af6764decb09c4ce1ca40d2b5ec0aaaaddcf2731 ... 5b24b4c990672c0a9ff06da0d6c2aa2d3b42690c d2391a0
@akuznecov akuznecov Revert 1fa0b45c570f058e31b353d8ef96b0e8ca06d8bd ... af6764decb09c4ce1ca40d2b5ec0aaaaddcf2731 5b24b4c
zhupan Destroyed 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 3d3ea70
@fatihpense fatihpense Muliple Servers -> Multiple Servers 81c3d40
trliner Fix "From The Beginning" link b51f360
@finn finn Revert to actual content. f4edefd
listertech Destroyed 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 09a1f72
@PeterJCLaw PeterJCLaw correct insure to ensure 0557e64
@leehambley leehambley Fixing issue #192, thanks to Sam Kuper 694812a
@tijsverkoyen tijsverkoyen typo Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 8452b95
swilliams Fixed link to "From The Beginning" at the bottom of the page. Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 9190dc4
@leehambley leehambley Improvements to Rails 2.x documentation and removed some files that are obsolese b241695
@leehambley leehambley Refactoring the page names from the early-pass 886cdb0
@leehambley leehambley Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) 3b1c888
@leehambley leehambley Updated 2.x Getting Started (markdown) c9ba37d
@leehambley leehambley Updated 2.x getting started (markdown) 9293d61
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