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Support for capistrano v3 #2

blackjid opened this Issue · 4 comments

2 participants


Hi, are you planning to support capistrano v3?

I can make a pull request adding that support, but

How can we support both capistrano versions??


Yeah I'm actually planning to rewrite my three Cap extensions for v3. I won't be interested in supporting both versions so just 3 is fine. But hold off the PR if you would. The capistrano guys actually said they'd maintain my npm (and probably composer) versions under their GitHub org.


Oh, great!... thanks..


Hey, I can see you made a v3 rewrite. I couldn't wait because I need this for a project and I started too. :)

I think we take the same approach, so I'm going to stop working on mine a using yours.
thanks for your work!


Mine hasn't been tested yet so that would be great if you tried it out.

I just used their new Bundler extension and modified it for npm.

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