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commit b21e1fa222c0944479e76472d2c5ff7ab7823854 1 parent 82ef47e
@leehambley leehambley authored
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@@ -208,8 +208,11 @@ At present the `Logger::WARN`, `ERROR` and `FATAL` are not used.
have that method setter do the legwork of updating `SSHKit.config.output` to
be an instance of the correct formatter class wrapping the existing output
+* No "trace" level debugging for internal stuff, the debug level should be
+ reserved for client-level debugging, with trace being (int -1) used
+ internally for logging about connection opening, closing, timing out, etc.
* No closing of connections, the abstract backend class should include a
- cleanup method which is empty but can be overriden by
+ cleanup method which is empty but can be overriden by other implementations.
* No conncetion pooling, the `connection` method of the NetSSH backend could
easily be modified to look into some connection factory for it's objects,
saving half a second when running lots of `on()` blocks.
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