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Git-automation tool for quick handling of common patterns for feature and fix branches
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gitc – git helper for CAPITA Unternehmensberatung GmbH


$ gitc help

$ gitc help <command>

$ gitc check

$ gitc create [name] ([source_branch])

$ gitc update ([source_branch])

$ gitc close ([source_branch])

$ gitc backport ([branch])

$ gitc install_autocompletion


gitc is a git automation tool used by CAPITA Unternehmensberatung GmbH which comes packaged as the Rubygem capita_git.

It's main purpose is to automate repetivite tasks like spawing new feature branches, updating and rebasing from the source branch of a given feature branch, as well as closing/merging feature branches back into their original tree.

gitc uses a strict naming convention for creating, identifying and maintaining local and remote branches and depends on the user's name being set in the git configuration of your local cloned copy or in the global settings.

Please make sure that both

$ git config


$ git config

return your correct name and email address.


$ gem install capita_git

$ gitc install_autocomplete


For detailed explanation of the various commands, please use *gitc help <command>*.

Available commands currently are:

* <check>:
  Performs a basic check of your repository, as well as maintains fixbranches for
  major release tags both locally and remotely.
  i.e., assuming your current release tag is 1.0, this will automatically create
  the remote branch 1.0-fix that is based upon 1.0

* <create> branch_name:
  Creates a feature branch based upon the current branch with the naming scheme
  Assuming you are 'CO' and on 1.0-fix, gitc create js_bugfix will create
  the local branch co_1.0-fix_js_bugfix and check it out

* <update>:
  Updates the active feature branch's source branch and does a rebase, thus pulling
  in the latest changes into your local tree

* <close>:
  Closes a feature branch by updating the source branch, rebasing it onto your feature
  branch and then merging into the source branch.

* <backport>:
  Merges changes from a fix branch into master

* <install_autocomplete>:
  Installs/updates and loads gitc autocompletion bash extension
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