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Setting up a Nemo environment


This tutorial is intended for beginners and as an introduction for using the Nemo and Nautilus environment.

This repository contains the output of the tutorial, with every step taken into account. We try to give the full content of each files at the end of each step of the tutorial.

This tutorial has been tested on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint. If you have modifications to provides to make it work for Mac, please propose Pull Requests. It is probable that most commands would work except setting up your python environment

We highly recommend to read the following blogs and articles about Capitains and its environment :

Table of contents

  1. Preparing your environment
  2. Setting up the bases of your app
  3. Playing with the JavaScript, the CSS, the statics and the XSLTs
  4. Modifying the templates
  5. Editorializing your texts : cutting your text a better way
  6. Editorializing your texts : building virtual collections to arrange your texts
  7. Time to put online ! Example with Heroku and Documentations
  8. Extanding Nemo : how should you add new routes (The simple way)

Not as important but we should write it some day#

  1. Using Annotations in Nemo : isn't it nice ?
  2. Let's write a plugin (Or adding route the hard way)


Tutorial for beginners for using Nemo






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