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Training Wheels is a idiom distribution framework
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Training Wheels

Welcome to the wonderful world of Training Wheels.


Training Wheels is intended to be a portable, extensible way to share techniques, idioms, patterns, anti-patterns in Ruby

It relies on ParseTree to turn your ruby code into data that can be analyzed and matched against patterns included in files called wheels.
If a pattern matches, you get a suggestion for a better way to accomplish the same task.

Get Started

  1. Clone it from GitHub
  2. It’s not setup as a gem yet (it needs work to be beta ready) so just run: ./bin/training_wheels to play around.

Get Involved

  • Join the mailing list and let me know your ideas
  • Fork the repository on GitHub, modify it, and then send me a pull request

Feature Ideas

  • Literals: Need to be able to work with literals to create wheels that watch for literal values.
  • Wildcards: Need an idea for a pretty way to specify wildcards in trigger patterns.
  • Suggest Interpolation: Need a way to take values, method names, etc. from the code that triggered a suggestion and use them in the suggestion. Then we could have copy/paste suggestions.
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