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GAM (Global Attribution Mapping)

Global Explanations for Deep Neural Networks

GAM explains the landscape of neural network predictions across subpopulations.

This implementation is based on "Global Explanations for Neural Networks: Mapping the Landscape of Predictions" (AAAI/ACM AIES 2019).

Get Started

First generate local attributions using your favorite technique, then

>>> gam = GAM(local_path="local_attributions.csv", 
>>> gam.generate()
>>> gam.explanations
[[('height', .6), ('weight', .3), ('hair color', .1)], 
 [('weight', .9), ('weight', .05), ('hair color', .05)]]
>>> gam.subpopulation_sizes
[90, 10]

>>> gam.subpopulations
# global explanation assignment
[0, 1, 0, 0,...]

>>> gam.plot()
# bar chart of feature importance with subpopulation size


Thank you to Paul Zeng for his contribution to the implementation and valuable feedback.


  • Python 3.6, Pytest, requirements.txt for dependencies
  • Branching: master is protected (need one other reviewer to merge)
  • Input/Output: csv (columns: features, rows: local/global attribution)
  • Underlying data structures: numpy arrays


To run tests:

$ python -m pytest tests/


  • assume local attributions are given
  • K is a specified parameter
  • accompany csv output with a simple visualization showing top 5 clusters and their top 5 features


  • optimize k based on silouhette score
  • generate local attributions (using appropriate local method)


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