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This project provides manifests for the installation of rbenv (Ruby Version Management).


  1. Install dependencies (Rubygems and Puppet):

    sudo apt-get install rubygems puppet # Ubuntu/Debian
  2. Apply the catalog of chosen modules(serverless install):

    puppet apply ...

You can also download and install the module from puppet-forge via puppet-module by running:

puppet-module install alup/rbenv


You can use the module in your manifest with the following code:

class { "rbenv":
  user    => "alup",
  compile => true,
  version => 1.9.3-p125,

This will apply an rbenv installation under "alup" user home dir and will also compile ruby version 1.9.3-p125 to be ready for usage (It will also set it as the global rbenv version for this user).

If you want only an rbenv installation without compiling any ruby version, then just set compile parameter to false (It defaults to true).

All the variables except for the user, are optional.


If you want to just simulate (or smoke test) the installation of the module, just clone the repository and use the following command:

sudo puppet apply --noop --modulepath=$PWD/../ tests/init.pp


To run the tests, use bundle exec rake. Before running the tests, you should have run bundle install to ensure all the dependencies have been met.


Look at the TODO file.


MIT License. Copyright 2012 Andreas Loupasakis.

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