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Closes #277: add new `yas-active-keys` (for auto-complete)

Also documented and reviewed related functionality slightly.
commit 51b182104b
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commit 8a26ab0a3180b0df2264518ff31dd19564727ba2 1 parent 08c6dd4
@capitaomorte authored
Showing with 24 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +24 −10 yasnippet.el
34 yasnippet.el
@@ -1257,13 +1257,13 @@ the template of a snippet in the current snippet-table."
(defun yas--table-all-keys (table)
- (when table
- (let ((acc))
- (maphash #'(lambda (key namehash)
- (when (yas--filter-templates-by-condition (yas--namehash-templates-alist namehash))
- (push key acc)))
- (yas--table-hash table))
- acc)))
+ "Get trigger keys of all active snippets in TABLE"
+ (let ((acc))
+ (maphash #'(lambda (key namehash)
+ (when (yas--filter-templates-by-condition (yas--namehash-templates-alist namehash))
+ (push key acc)))
+ (yas--table-hash table))
+ acc))
(defun yas--table-mode (table)
(intern (yas--table-name table)))
@@ -2317,7 +2317,7 @@ Common gateway for `yas-expand-from-trigger-key' and
;;; Utils for snippet development:
(defun yas--all-templates (tables)
- "Return all snippet tables applicable for the current buffer.
+ "Get `yas--template' objects in TABLES, applicable for buffer and point.
Honours `yas-choose-tables-first', `yas-choose-keys-first' and
@@ -2641,6 +2641,11 @@ whether (and where) to save the snippet, then quit the window."
(yas--message 3 "Cannot test snippet for unknown major mode")))))
+(defun yas-active-keys ()
+ "Return all active trigger keys for current buffer and point"
+ (remove-duplicates (mapcan #'yas--table-all-keys (yas--get-snippet-tables))
+ :test #'string=))
(defun yas--template-fine-group (template)
(car (last (or (yas--template-group template)
(yas--template-perm-group template)))))
@@ -4507,6 +4512,7 @@ handle the end-of-buffer error fired in it by calling
+ yas-active-keys
;; debug definitions
;; yas-debug-snippet-vars
@@ -4522,9 +4528,17 @@ handle the end-of-buffer error fired in it by calling
;; yas-saving-variables
;; yas-call-with-snippet-dirs
;; yas-with-snippet-dirs
+ "Exported yassnippet symbols.
+i.e. ones that I will try to keep in future yasnippet versions
+and ones that other elisp libraries can more or less safely rely
+(defvar yas--dont-backport '(yas-active-keys)
+ "Exported symbols that don't map back to \"yas/*\" variants")
-(dolist (sym yas--exported-syms)
+(dolist (sym (set-difference yas--exported-syms yas--dont-backport))
(let ((backported (intern (replace-regexp-in-string "^yas-" "yas/" (symbol-name sym)))))
(when (boundp sym)
(make-obsolete-variable backported sym "yasnippet 0.8")
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