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use `and' condtion in ${2:$1...}, it expand is not correct #290

zw963 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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<%= f.submit "${1:Submit}"${2:, :disable_with => '${3:$1ing...}'} %>

It expand to: (the normal situation, work OK)

<%= f.submit "Submit", :disable_with => 'Submiting...' %>

but if I want auto delete , :disable_with => ' before {2:$1ing...} and ' after ${2:$1ing}...

<%= f.submit "${1:Submit}"${2:$(and (yas-text) ", :disable_with => '")}${2:$1ing...}${2:$(and (yas-text) "'")} %>

it expand to: (work NOT OK)

<%= f.submit "Submit", :disable_with => 'ing...' %>

${2:$1...} not expand correct, Why $1 is not expand ???


This is a bug. For reference

<%= f.submit "${1:Submit}"${2:$(and (yas-text) ", :disable_with => '")}${2:Doing the $1ing...}${2:$(and (yas-text) "'")} %>


<%= f.submit "${1:Submit}"${2:$(and (yas-text) ", :disable_with => '")} ${2:$1ing...}${2:$(and (yas-text) "'")} %>

both work correctly


OK. thanks..

the two workaround is so subtle...

@capitaomorte capitaomorte reopened this

Reopened, this is not fixed at all. Closed in error. sorry

@capitaomorte capitaomorte closed this issue from a commit
@capitaomorte Closes #290: problem when advancing the start of a mirror-in-field
* Rewrote 'yas--update-mirrors'
* Added unit test
* Advancing is done exceptionally in 'yas--update-mirrors'
  not 'yas--mirror-update-display' and just before we need to
  re-update the mirror-in-field.
* Alternative to prior point would be to have fields carry a reference
  to their child mirrors.
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