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below snippet can not work. #303

zw963 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: test
# key: test
# --
method ${1:111}, ${2:222}${3:$(and (yas-text) ", ")}${3:${2:$(and (yas-text) "333")}}

my purpose is :

method 111, 222, 333

When I remove 222, auto remove , 333.
And When not remove 222, when I remove 333, auto remove the , before 333

The behavior my expect is work FINE if i don't change 111, But if i change 111,
the 333 is blink, show and hide continually


Can't reproduce, I tried:
Add the above snippet as snippets/text-mode/test
emacs -Q -L . -l yasnippet.el -f yas-global-mode -f text-mode
Type test, then <tab>, then 999, no blinking is observed.


Thanks again, @npostavs! @zw963 closing this as irreproducible until more info.

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