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A Zen-writing program for encouraging writing over editing.

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Project Tasks:

This is "Just Write, Dammit!" As in, that's all you can do when you use 
it. As in, put Twitter/Facebook/G+/Farmville/etc. down and just write, 
dammit. It blocks out all of the background noise of your computer so 
you can focus on one thing: writing.

It runs on any operating system that supports Java 6. It runs in 
complete full screen mode. The text is large to encourage flow. The 
colors are cool to avoid eye strain. A small timer tells you how long 
you have been writing, and a counter tells you how many words you've 
written so far. It saves to plain text files and offers no formatting 
capability whatsoever. Because you shouldn't be spending time on making 
words emboldened or italicized or picking a font. You should just be 
writing, dammit.

Standard keyboard shortcuts manage the Open/Save/Close operations. There
are no mouse interactions, because your hands should remain on the 
keyboard where they belong, writing, dammit!

So what the hell are you doing? Get to work!
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