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PROJECT: philly_mud
AUTHOR: Sean T. McBeth (
DATE: 9/20/2011		

philly_mud is a basic Multi-User Dungeon/Dimension/Domain
written in PLT Racket, a dialect of Scheme. It serves as
a test-bed project for me to learn Scheme in a more directed
and meaningful way. I hate how programming tutorials always
show these ridiculous examples that are completely devoid
of context. It's all "foo" this and "bar" that, disconnecting
concept from context. I believe this to be both unnecessary
and foolish.

1. Learn Scheme
2. Bring the MUD form to a new generation
3. Let other people participate in its creation
4. Make something about the things I love about Philadelphia

You can get PLT Racket here:

It's very thorough, if somewhat obtuse, documentation starts here:

If you're new to programming, you probably want to start here:

But otherwise, if you're a long-time programmer who is just new
to Racket, you would probably prefer to start here:

I'm not going to link you to any particular MUDs. The ones 
I used to play are no longer running, and the ones that are
still running are not very accessible. 

However, I would suggest playing the original Zork:

Imagine "now add other people" and that should give you an 
idea of how these sorts of games go.

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