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Minimal maths functions header for 3d graphics. Functions designed to resemble GLSL and GLU. Column-major matrix operations and memory layout.

  • apg_maths.hpp - the C++ original
  • apg_maths.js - mostly complete port to JavaScript for use with WebGL
  • apg_maths.h - new C99 port with slightly revised interface
  • test.c - tests for the C99 header
  • test.cpp - tests for the C++ header

The C++ version is the easiest to use because of operator overloading.

data types

  • vec2 2d vector
  • vec3 3d vector
  • vec4 4d vector
  • mat3 3x3 matrix - memory stored in column-major order
  • mat4 4x4 matrix - memory stored in column-major order
  • versor quaternion

See inside top of file for instructions on usage (differs a little between ports).


  • overloaded basic mathematical and assignment operators for data types
  • print() for each data type (contents)
  • vector length, squared length, normalisation, dot and cross products
  • some converstions between direction vectors and angles
  • matrix identity, inverse, determinant, transpose
  • affine matrix construction
  • virtual camera matrix construction in GLU format (look at etc.)
  • quaternion construction from axis-angle
  • unit quaternion (versor) normalisation etc.
  • versor to matrix
  • slerp (spherical interpolation)

future improvements

design ideas

  • there has to be a nicer way to do vector and matrix multiplication in C99, even if it means using macros, because the mult_mat4_vec4(identity_mat4(), vec4_from_4f(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0)) very explicit style of functions are extremely tedious, and in fact this is the number 1 argument for choosing C++ over C in a 3D graphics program, which is a shame.