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A scala project generator

What you get

  • maven project, with clearly commented pom.xml
  • scala-maven-plugin with zinc (incremental compiler) support
  • scalatest plugin and pretty test output
  • mvn scala:run launcher
  • package/assembly plugin for executable fatjars
  • sensible .gitignore
  • working .travis.yml config
  • default README.markdown


Clone the project:

git clone git@github.com:capotej/base.git ~/.base_sub

For bash users:

echo 'eval "$($HOME/.base_sub/bin/base init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile
exec bash

For zsh users:

echo 'eval "$($HOME/.base_sub/bin/base init -)"' >> ~/.zshenv
source ~/.zshenv


Once installed, usage is very simple:

base new com.twitter.pterodactyl

This will create a project pterodacytl/ in the current directory