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This project simulates a scenario wherein a few frontends running groupcache are fronting a slow database. See my blog post about it for more details.

Getting it running

The following commands will set up this topology: groupcache topology

Build everything

  1. git clone git@github.com:capotej/groupcache-db-experiment
  2. sh build.sh

Start DB server

  1. cd dbserver && ./dbserver

This starts a delibrately slow k/v datastore on :8080

Start Multiple Frontends

  1. cd frontend
  2. ./frontend -port 8001
  3. ./frontend -port 8002
  4. ./frontend -port 8003

Use the CLI to set/get values

  1. cd cli
  2. ./cli -set -key foo -value bar
  3. ./cli -get -key foo should see bar in 300 ms
  4. ./cli -cget -key foo should see bar in 300ms (cache is loaded)
  5. ./cli -cget -key foo should see bar instantly