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Collection of some SuperCollider classes.

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Collection of some SuperCollider classes i developed.
Underdocumented and totally random. Enjoy :-)

-- A little overview --

BufferPool: A Pool of Buffers
CNMidiEnvGen: Sends out an Env as CC Midi Messages
Games (Simon & Minesweeper): Have fun with SuperCollider :-)
NES2Freqs: Converts between Hz/MIDI-Notes and NES Cycles (for NES UGens)
OSCemoteMultiTouch: A class for using the X/Y Multitouch Controller of OSCemote
P196: String based Integer addition and some palindrome related functions
ReChorder: Sketch of a Livesampling Instrument
RecordingManager: GUI for postprocessing audiofiles recorded in SuperCollider
UserSample: Loading samples for lazy people.
KeyRecorder: A keyboard based recording client/server
MIDIGang: A MIDI framework for live coding

Also check out my BenoitLib Git repo on GitHub.
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