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Changes from 2.34 to 2.35:

New Features:

New KDBX 4 file format, which supports various new features (listed
below; e.g. Argon2).
Added Argon2 key derivation function (it can be activated in the
database settings dialog).
Improved header and data authentication in KDBX 4 files (using
HMAC-SHA-256, Encrypt-then-MAC scheme).
Added ChaCha20 (RFC 7539) encryption algorithm (it can be activated as
KDBX file encryption algorithm in the database settings dialog;
furthermore, it supersedes Salsa20 as default for generating the inner
random stream of KDBX 4 files).
Added support for opening entry URLs with Firefox or Opera in private
mode via the context menu -> 'URL(s)' -> 'Open with ... (Private)'.
Added URL override suggestions for Firefox and Opera in private mode in
the URL override suggestions drop-down list in the entry dialog.
Added optional built-in global URL overrides for opening HTTP/HTTPS URLs
with Firefox or Opera in private mode.
Added {PICKFIELD} placeholder, which shows a dialog to pick a field
whose value will be inserted.
Added option 'Hide "Close Database" toolbar button when at most one
database is opened' (turned on by default).
Added option 'Show additional auto-type menu commands', which can be
turned on to show menu commands for performing entry auto-type with some
specific sequences.
Added menu command 'Selected Entry's Group' (with keyboard shortcut
Ctrl+G) in 'Edit' -> 'Show Entries' (and a context menu equivalent 'Show
Parent Group' in 'Selected Entries'), which opens the parent group of
the currently selected entry and selects the entry again.
Added menu commands in 'Edit' -> 'Show Entries' to show entries that
expire in a specific number of days (1, 2, 3) or weeks (1, 2, 4, 8) or
in the future.
Added configuration option that specifies the number of days within
which entries are considered to expire 'soon' (the default is 7).
Added option for changing the alternate item background color.
When the option 'Remember key sources' is enabled, KeePass now also
remembers whether a master password has been used.
Added option 'Force changing the master key the next time (once)' (in
'File' -> 'Database Settings' -> tab 'Advanced').
Added parameters 'Window style' and 'Verb' for the 'Execute command line
/ URL' trigger action.
Added support for importing mSecure 3.5.5 CSV files.
Added support for importing Password Saver 4.1.2 XML files.
Added support for importing Enpass TXT files.
Enhanced SplashID CSV import (added support for the old version 3.4,
added mappings for types of the latest version, groups are now created
only for categories, and types are imported as tags).
LastPass import: added support for CSV files exported by the LastPass
Chrome extension, which encodes some special characters as XML entities.
Added 'KeePass KDBX (2.34, Old Format)' export module.
Export using XSL transformation: added support for the 'xsl:output'
element in XSL files.
If the global auto-type hot key is Ctrl+Alt+A and the current input
locale is Polish, KeePass now shows a warning dialog (telling the user
that Ctrl+Alt+A is in conflict with a system key combination producing a
Added Alt+X Unicode character conversion support in rich text boxes on
Unix-like systems.
For development snapshots, the 'About' dialog now shows the snapshot
version (in the form 'YYMMDD').
Plugins can provide other key derivation functions now.
The header of KDBX 4 files is extensible by plugins.
Enhanced support for developing encryption algorithm plugins.
Plugins can now store custom data in groups and entries.
Plugin data stored in the database, a group or an entry can now be
inspected (and deleted) in the database maintenance dialog, the group
dialog and the entry dialog, respectively.
For plugins: file closing events now contain information about whether
KeePass is exiting, locking or performing a trigger action.
Added workaround for .NET handle cast overflow bug in
Added workaround for Mono ignoring the Ctrl+I shortcut.
Added workaround for Mono clipboard bug.
Added workaround for Mono not focusing the default control in the entry
editing dialog.
Added workaround for a Mono timer bug that caused high CPU load while
showing a file save confirmation dialog.
Added Mono workaround: when running on Mac OS X, KeePass now does not
try to instantiate a tray icon anymore.
Added workaround for XDoTool sending diacritic characters in incorrect
TrlUtil now recommends to clear the 'Unused Text' tab.


Improved behavior when searching entries with exclusions (terms prefixed
with '-').
Improved support for auto-typing into target windows using different
keyboard layouts.
Auto-Type: improved support for keyboard layouts with keys where Shift,
Caps Lock and no modifier result in 3 different characters.
Auto-Type: improved support for spacing modifier letters (U+02B0 to
Global auto-type now works with target windows having empty titles.
When copying entries to the clipboard, the data package now includes
custom icons used by the entries.
Unified behavior when drag&dropping a field containing a placeholder.
Improved entry edit confirmation dialog.
If the screen height is insufficient to display a dialog, the dialog's
banner (if the dialog has one) is now removed to save some space.
Some tooltips are now displayed for a longer time.
A new entry created using a template now does not include the history of
the template anymore.
For empty RTF attachments, the internal data editor now by default uses
the font that is specified for TXT files.
Internal data editor: added support for changing the format of
mixed-format selections.
Internal data viewer and editor: null characters ('\0', not '0') in
texts are now automatically replaced by spaces (like Notepad on Windows
Improved encoding signature handling for conversions during text
attachment imports (via the 'Text Encoding' dialog).
File transactions are not used anymore for files that have a reparse
point (e.g. symbolic links).
Improved XSL stylesheets for KDBX XML files.
The internal window manager is now thread-safe.
Improved date/time handling.
Improved button image disposal.
When synchronizing two databases, custom data (by plugins) is now
When opening a database file, corrupted icon indices are now
automatically replaced by default values.
Added some more entropy sources for the seed of the cryptographically
secure pseudo-random number generator (environment variables, command
line, full operating system version, current culture).
ChaCha20 is now used during password generation (instead of Salsa20).
ChaCha20 is now used as fallback process memory encryption algorithm
(instead of Salsa20).
When the encryption algorithm for a database file is unknown, the error
message now shows the UUID of the algorithm.
In KDBX 4, header field lengths are now 4 bytes wide.
In KDBX 4, entry attachments are now stored in an inner, binary header
(encrypted, possibly compressed), before the XML part; this reduces the
database file size and improves the loading/saving performance.
In KDBX 4, the inner random stream cipher ID and key (to support process
memory protection) are now stored in the inner header instead of in the
outer header.
KPScript: the 'ChangeMasterKey' command now also updates the master key
change date.
TrlUtil: improved validation warning dialogs.
The MSI file now requires any .NET Framework version, not a specific
The MSI file is now built using Visual Studio 2015.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.


When executing a {HMACOTP} placeholder, the last modification time of
the corresponding entry is now updated.
Key files containing exactly 64 alphanumeric characters are now loaded
as intended.
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