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Cappuccino website.
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Cappuccino Website

This is the new GitHub forkable and pull-request ready, static HTML & JS modern Cappuccino website.

How to Contribute to this Site

  1. Install bundler.

    gem install bundler
  2. Install the gems used by the site.

    cd /path/to/site
    bundle install
  3. Run it in server mode:

    bundle exec middleman
  4. Open http://localhost:4567/ to view site.

Now you can simply edit the markdown, HAML, CSS, JavaScript and so on which makes up the site. Middleman will automatically compile it.

When you are done, create a fork of this repository, make a branch of master, commit your changes, and make a pull request.

How to Add a Blog Post

bundle exec middleman article "Article Title"

How to Deploy

bundle exec middleman build
bundle exec middleman deploy


Based on Measure Bootstrap Theme, which in turn includes:

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