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toolTips for CPTableView and CPOutlineView #1309

BlairDuncan opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Blair Duncan CappBot Andrew Hankinson daboe01 Alexandre Wilhelm Randy Luecke
Blair Duncan

The implemented tableView delegates are currently not being called by the tableView/OutlineView

Randy Luecke Me1000 was assigned

Assignee: Me1000. Label: #new. What's next? A reviewer should examine this issue.

Andrew Hankinson

Could you please let me know if this is still an issue and, if so, point to a reduction or a test case that exhibits this behaviour? Thanks.



Assignee: Me1000. Milestone: Someday. Labels: #acknowledged, #needs-reduction, bug. What's next? A minimal test app should be created which demonstrates the concern of this issue in isolation.


it is still an issue.

    Not yet implemented
- (CPString)_sendDelegateToolTipForView:(id)aView rect:(CGRect)aRect tableColumn:(CPTableColumn)aTableColumn row:(CPInteger)aRowIndex mouseLocation:(CGPoint)aPoint
Alexandre Wilhelm

I took a look to that this afternoon and I'm a bit confused to know what is the best way to do it.

In Cocoa, it seems that a NSTableView has its mechanism for the toolTip on view. If you set a toolTip to a view and a toolTip to a view though the delegate method, you'll see first the first tooltip for a half of second and then the one from the delegate methods. This is quite stupid for me, and the blinking view is not quite beautiful. I would say it's better to avoid this things in Cappuccino.

Then, to implement that, we can add new code in the CPTableView to create a toolTip when needed. We can play with the mouseOver... It means, we don't use at all to the CPToolTip mechanism. (longer, different, but cocoa does like this)

Or we can improve the mechanism of a CPToolTip in the class _CPToolTip. It means, this class will call extra methods on the CPTableView when needed (easier but ugly).

In any case, we need an access to the tableView to have the different informations needed in the delegate call.

The delegate is :

- (CPString)tableView:(id)aTableView toolTipForView:(id)aView rect:(CGRect)aRect tableColumn:(CPTableColumn)aTableColumn row:(CPInteger)aRowIndex mouseLocation:(CGPoint)aPoint

Other idea ? @primalmotion what do you think ?

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