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CPTextField key events issues (tab and backspace keys) #1433

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in the new release of cappuccino (0.9.5) the tab event in the CPTextField is missing. In 0.9 when you press tab key, the focus change to the next CPTextField. In 0.9.5 this does not happen.

Other problem happens in Opera 11.60, when a CPTextField has the focus and you press the backspace key this make go back in the history of the browser. This in chrome works fine.


Do you have a test app that demonstrates this? Also, what browsers are you seeing this behavior in?


Yes, I have.

In Opera, both versions make go back in the history when you press the backspace key. In Chrome and Firefox this works fine.

In 0.9.5 version, trying in last versions of Chrome, Opera and Firefox, when you press the tab key the focus doesn't change to the next CPTextField.

TestApp Code:


Thank you, I am seeing it in Safari as well.



I found the problem, I just have to figure out the best solution.

@aparajita aparajita referenced this issue from a commit
@aparajita aparajita Fix for #1433 bc8dc10

Fixed in bc8dc10.


@aparajita aparajita closed this

Hi Aparajita, Leafsoft.

I had the same problem, but I could solve it, I'm adding for each textfield nextKeyView o nextKey (I don't remember the name in this moment), to do the chain and this works to me.

I'm working with Xcode 4.3 an Cappuccino 0.9.5. I don't know if this is related with this bug.


That should not be necessary, the failure to establish the key view loop was a bug which has been fixed.


Labels: #fixed, AppKit, bug. What's next? This issue is considered successfully resolved.

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