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CPSplitView not collapsing views properly. #1585

dbrajkovic opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants


An innocent question by a unnamed source has led me to discover the CPSplitView is incorrectly implemented.

In CPSplitView, isSubviewCollapsed will return true if the height or width depending on split view configuration is equal to 0. However, according to NSSplitView, when a view is collapsed, the precollapsed size does not change. Instead, the hidden property of the view is set to YES.


Milestone: Someday. Label: #new. What's next? A reviewer should examine this issue.


That's a pretty significant difference. We'd need to change the subview layout code quite a bit. Do you have a Cocoa test app?



Milestone: Someday. Labels: #acknowledged, #needs-patch, AppKit, bug. What's next? This issue needs a volunteer to write and submit code to address it.

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