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nib2cib fails on tooltips in Mountain Lion/latest master #1641

timhowell opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Not sure exactly what changed in my setup, but nib2cib now fails with:

-[CPKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (NSIBHelpConnector)

on any XIB that contains a tooltip. After installing the latest master, creating a NibApplication with:

capp gen -t NibApplication MyApplication

nib2cib works. If I edit MainMenu.xib and add a tooltip to one of the interface elements, I get the above error with nib2cib. If I remove the tooltip it converts properly again.


Milestone: Someday. Label: #new. What's next? A reviewer should examine this issue.




Milestone: Someday. Labels: #needs-confirmation, #new, AppKit. What's next? This issue needs a volunteer to independently reproduce the issue.


I cannot reproduce this with the latest master.



Milestone: Someday. Labels: #needs-confirmation, #works-for-me, AppKit. What's next? Attempts to reproduce the problem described by this issue have failed to reveal any erroneous situation.

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