Compiling with -O failed to compress file (silently) #567

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When i try to build AppKit framework in my tree in Release mode with -O the failed to compress.
Preprocessing seems all good, but compress return an empty string without logging any error.
There's a syntax error in the file that Rhino and Firefox dislike (Safari doesn't complains).
But Jake should log an error, when shrinksafe raise an exception.

boucher commented Mar 22, 2010

I don't understand this ticket: is the issue that there's a problem in AppKit, or is the issue that you had your own bug and Shrinksafe didn't tell you about an exception.


The problem is that compress step failed silently (when Shrinksafe raise an exception).
There's no error log by compiler.js, like it does when preprocessor failed.
In my case ObjectiveJ.preprocess didn't have problem with the syntax (a comma instead of a semicolon) but compress raise an exception, and compiler.js didn't log any error in this case.


I've just been caught by exactly this issue, and would certainly like to add my vote for Jake logging an error. My syntax error was the same, a line ending in a comma instead of a semicolon. It would also be helpful if ObjectiveJ.preprocess could raise an exception when this syntax error is encountered, so that a Debug build fails when this syntax error is present.


It would certainly help if we had some sample code that demonstrates the problem.

cappbot commented May 9, 2012

Milestone: Someday. Labels: #needs-patch, #needs-reduction, bug, tools. What's next?

  • This issue needs a volunteer to write and submit code to address it.
  • A minimal test app should be created which demonstrates the concern of this issue in isolation.

I changed a semicolon to a comma in a sample application and jake release fails with an error now.


cappbot commented Feb 22, 2013

Milestone: 0.9.7. Labels: #fixed, bug, tools. What's next? This issue is considered successfully resolved.

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