CPTableView Improvements #588

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dtsitses commented Apr 6, 2010

CPTableView asks the delegate before it starts tracking
(tableView:shouldTrackView:forTableColumn:row:), also implemented
clickedColumn & clickedRow.


Improved [CPTableView startTrackingAt:], also made [clickedColumn] &
[clickedRow] readonly.


cappbot commented May 9, 2012

Milestone: Someday. Labels: #needs-reduction, AppKit, feature. What's next? A minimal test app should be created which demonstrates the concern of this issue in isolation.


ahankinson commented Feb 27, 2013

clickedColumn and clickedRow have been implemented.

I think this needs a design decision on whether the delegate method should be called. If so, I think I can extract it from the patches and create a PR (with tests).


aparajita commented Feb 27, 2013

There is no delegate method for a click. If selection is allowed, the click will change the selection and that triggers the delegate method. If no selection is allowed, the assumption is the user doesn't care. If they do care, they have to subclass. Let's not start adding delegate methods without an extremely compelling reason.


ahankinson commented Feb 27, 2013

Well, the delegate method tableView:shouldTrackView:forTableColumn:row already exists. (In Cocoa, it's tableView:shouldTrackCell...). It's more a question of whether it should be called when the user clicks at a point, which is when I think the startTrackingAt:(CGPoint)aPoint method is called.

As far as I can tell, the setDelegate method will check to see if the delegate responds to this method, but it never actually calls it.


aparajita commented Feb 27, 2013

I did not know about that method. We could support it, but given that in Cocoa that method is only supported for cell-based tables, and we are encouraging people to use view-based tables if they have controls in the cells, it seems to me it isn't a priority. (And no one has asked for it yet.)


ahankinson commented Apr 8, 2013

Ok. I'm going to close this one since cells with controls are view-based.


cappbot commented Apr 8, 2013

Milestone: Someday. Labels: #wont-fix, AppKit, feature. What's next? A reviewer or core team member has decided against acting upon this issue.

@cappbot cappbot closed this Apr 8, 2013

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